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The Lantern Community, Living, working and sharing together

Donating & Fundraising

The Lantern Community is constantly in a process of development and change, primarily in response to the vision, needs and expectations of a wide range of people and organisations, including Companions, Co-Workers, Parents, Trustees, Social Services and funding bodies. We are in a continual process of upgrading our houses in the Lantern Community and developing new resources to meet changing needs. To strive to meet these needs from a financial perspective is a constant challenge on our resources, and we rely heavily on financial support, given in a variety of ways, to help achieve our aims. If you would like to contribute to the continuing work of the Lantern Community there are various options available:

  • A single Donation
  • A regular gift by direct debit

These options are particularly helpful in regard to the arrangement that can be made for Gift Aid.

A Gift Aid form can be downloaded from here

  • Leaving a gift in your will

If you would like further information, guidance or discussion on either fundraising or projects, we would be happy to hear from you. All members  of the Lantern Community greatly appreciate your interest and support.