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The Lantern Community, Living, working and sharing together

Resident Admission

A new step in life

Coming to the Lantern Community is a new step in life and one which will call for new challenges to be met and friendships to be made, as well as adjusting to a new environment. It may be that this is the first time away from the home you have been brought up in. You will be sharing your new home with a group of people who wish to support you in this change and make the transition as comfortable as possible.

You may, of course, bring as many personal items as you wish to place in your room. If you have a particular dietary requirement then this can be catered for. We all recognise that our home is central to our lives in giving security, a sense of belonging and companionship. A home environment is created in which all can feel nurtured and supported, and within which each person can freely participate.

Adult Life

Within the Lantern, as in all Camphill Communities, the mutual responsibility involved in living together endeavours to support self awareness, initiative and social understanding. The art of community living lies in each one discovering a point of balance between individual choice and responsibility to others, independence and interdependence, and self fulfilment and mutual support.

This is a shared path we all take in adult life, and each individual needs to tread this themselves, aware of a supportive framework which can help to create opportunities through which the full potential of each individual can be realised, and every person becomes an active participant.


A Threefold Lifestyle

Essential to an harmonious lifestyle for both an individual and Community is the balance achieved in and between three distinct areas of life. These can be recognised as the cultural, social and working spheres, which each stand independent of one another yet combine to form a whole. The extent to which these are alive and creative in the individual and the Community reflects in the totality. The cultural life comes to expression through the freedom of thought in our religious and spiritual life, the social life in our relationships and celebration of the festivals and the working life through the contribution each makes to fulfilling the needs of others.

The Lantern Community enjoys a rich and varied cultural and social life both within and beyond the Community, a flavour of which can be experienced by reading the pages of the “Lantern Weekly”. Many of these experiences we create ourselves, and many individuals are encouraged to actively participate. As can be expected in adult life, each person has responsibilities and obligations in their work, both to themselves and the Community, and each has their own daily programme, which can be changed according to wish and need.