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The Lantern Community, Living, working and sharing together

Management and Administration

We strive to build a community that recognises and responds with creativity, flexibility and openness to the variety and diversity of changing needs

The Lantern Community is Managed and Administered by a General Manager and many individuals with distinct responsibilities related to the professional requirements of the running of the community.
All hold qualifications relevant to their respective roles and have together accumulated a vast experience and knowledge of Social Care, Training, Accounting, the Arts and Crafts, Learning Disability and Camphill culture and ethos, to name but a few.
The Social Care environment within which The Lantern Community works is a fast paced and ever changing scenario, demanding a great deal of awareness and consciousness in order to continually improve on the services that can be offered and meet the changing needs of the resident Companions, as well as maintaining our position as, for employees, an employer of choice.