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The Lantern Community, Living, working and sharing together

Lantern Wood Craft

Assembly, sanding, painting, and varnishing provides meaningful work for our companions

A visit to the woodwork will usually find a group of happy people sitting around the two round tables enjoying working together.

The Woodwork shop aims to provide meaningful work for the companions. The Workmaster with the help of a co-worker directs the manufacture of products many of which can be found for sale in the shop. It is a source of great pride and satisfaction for the Companions to see the products that they have made being sold in the shop. The companions are involved in the design of items, using the chalk board to express their ideas.

The products made range widely from bird boxes and tables for the garden to finely polished candle holders, napkin rings, butter knives and wooden spoons. Each Christmas a different wooden decoration is produced. All designs have an Anthroposophical influence with flowing lines and curves predominating. Small commissions from the community are sometimes undertaken which all adds variety to the work of this very popular workshop.

Much of the wood used is timber from our own trees with donations from furniture makers and joinery shops making up the balance.

All abilities are catered for and tasks include assembly, sanding, painting, and varnishing. Those able to can use hand tools in the preparation of the various projects, these tools include handsaws, planes, chisels, hammers, drills, and rasps.

Our biggest aim is to enable every person working in the Woodwork shop to be as free in choosing what to do, and as independent in doing so as possible.Last but not least we never forget that fun and joy have to be included and aim to create a working atmosphere that everybody benefits from.