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The Lantern Community, Living, working and sharing together

Lantern Bakery

Using traditional handcrafted methods and natural organic ingredients

The Lantern Bakery endeavours to create a product range, using traditional hand-crafted methods and natural organic ingredients. It is one of the many workshops in the Lantern Community providing meaningful work opportunities for adults with a learning disability. There is the opportunity to experience the process of creation from the beginning to the end as well as the development of a good work ethos where everyone takes pride in what they have created.

From Monday to Friday our bakery team produces a variety of healthy wholesome organic bread and rolls: all baked with love for our customers. In addition there is a special wheat free and dairy free dietary range available on certain days as well as pastries and Organic hand made biscuits.

Daily Baking List

Monday: Sesame, White, Wholemeal and Fitness Bread
Tuesday: White, Wholemeal, Cheese and Fitness Bread
Wednesday: White, Wholemeal, Sunflower and Fitness Bread
Thursday: White, Wholemeal, Fruit, Hazelnut and Fitness Bread
Friday: White, Wholemeal, Rye, Granary and Fitness Bread

Supplying organisations and individuals

As well as supplying the Community, the Lantern Bakery also bakes for a fast growing customer base. Our team is happy to take special orders, simply phone 07928 917265 to discuss your requirements in advance.