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The Lantern Community, Living, working and sharing together

Lantern Pottery

The craft of pottery works with the four elements; earth,air, fire, water.

The Lantern Potters are an enthusiastic group of individuals, where each person’s part in the process is valued and emphasis is placed upon the importance of team work.

There are four adults with a learning disability working in the pottery each day, the workshop is run by a potter who has over 20 years’ experience supporting and passing on his  skills to others. The aim of the workshop is to create beautiful, high quality products, alongside training and skills development.

The ware that is produced is the result of teamwork in all areas of production from manufacturing, decorating, glazing, but being an individual, the product in the end, bears the skill, pride and commitment of each contributor.

The most successful product made in the pottery is the Porcelain lamps, made from porcelain paper clay, where the individual’s creativity is used to decorate the lamps.

The potters are also producing tableware; breakfast sets and mugs which are machine made on the jolly jigger and the wheel and are individually decorated. Mould pressed dishes and bowls are also made and vases made from large slabs of clay.

The Lantern Potters all learn to feel part of the team, where each person’s unique abilities are drawn together to create a beautiful finished product.

“The strength of the team is each individual …..the strength of each individual is the team”