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Lantern Seasonal Crafts

Bringing seasons and festivals into our working life through crafts

The Seasonal Crafts workshop endeavours to utilise the products of Natures various seasons and incorporate these into its products. Hence, a direct link is made, supporting an experience of each different season and additionally, a link to the Festivals of the year.

Rudolf Steiner talks about how important the festivals are for the future of mankind. So we try to find through very practical ways how to bring these seasons related to the festivals into our working life.

In January, Epiphany and marmalade making give way to candlemas in February and candle making..

March and April bring spring and Easter with basket making and papemache’.

May and June start the early summer with St Johns Festival and jam making. June turns to July and dyeing with natural dyes, with those newly shorn fleeces for knitting wool and felting.

September/October and Michaelmas we start making soaps, cosmetics, hand creams and polish from the dried herbs and flowers from the Lantern garden.

November/December brings St Martins and Advent and preparations for Christmas puddings and mince meat.

These activities bring a healing rhythm to the year.