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The Lantern Community, Living, working and sharing together

Social & Cultural Life

A rich and varied cultural life, with opportunities for everyone to take part

A rich and varied cultural life, often highlighted by the celebration of the Christian Festivals through the rhythm of the year, is an important element that offers opportunities for everyone to take part and contribute.

Creative and artistic threads are constantly woven into the daily life, along with plays, music and informal get-togethers. A broad outlook on life is encouraged, and there is ample opportunity and encouragement for many interests to be pursued both in an individual and group situation within the wider community.

The town of Ringwood has many facilities to offer, including weekly shopping and recreation. Many people travel further afield at the weekend by public transport to visit the beach or cinema, and may also choose to accompany friends for an outing together.

The summer is an opportunity to arrange individual or shared holidays, often seeing residents disperse to the four quarters of the globe.