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The Lantern Community, Living, working and sharing together

Home Life

The Lantern Community at Ringwood, is home to approximately 65 people, half of whom have special needs, and consists of eight houses on the estate, and one house in the town of Ringwood.

There are a further two houses at “Seahorses” on the Isle of Wight which offers ¬†short breaks and holidays, as well as artistic activities, and is open to the public as a bed and breakfast provision. “Seahorses” is home to 4 Companions and 5 Co-Workers.

Our houses are all very different in size and character, ranging from 18th century cottages to modern bungalows. This diversity gives the opportunity to offer a variety of living situations suited to each individual. The houses are within easy and safe walking distance of each other. Social interaction is enhanced through the natural process of the interchange of invitations to share meals and visits to friends and social occasions.

In each house there are supporters, Co-Workers and Companions living and working together to create a Lifesharing community in its own right. This creative activity of living together helps to build a trusting and caring environment. Companions have their own room which allows for personal privacy.

Each person is supported in their domestic needs and encouraged to contribute and take responsibility for their home. Great emphasis is placed on interdependence; each individual contributing with the best of their abilities to the good of the whole house community. We all recognise that our home is central to our lives in giving security, a sense of belonging and companionship.